A Definition of the Left Hand Path: An exercise in Satanic Philosophising

As I sit here in my armchair (its dark and foreboding I promise) I’d like to spend some time with you to talk shop and discuss some sinister philosophy (its not that sinister really, sorry).

Its Definition Time. I’ll keep it brief I promise

Ok so I will be using the term Left Hand Path, or LHP for short a lot to describe the Path I (and possible you) travel, so it’s probably important you understand what I mean by this term.

Often people in magic circles (or trapezoidal shapes) will throw around the terms Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path (if you’re a Buddhist you might say you’re on a Middle Path but that’s off topic).
For a brief history of the terms here is a link to the wiki page.
I’ve always found the definition of ‘Thy Will be done’ versus ‘My Will be done’ to be the best definition.  In a Right Hand Path (RHP) tradition it is the Will of the god(s) or goddess(es) that determines the result of magic, or the results from any other action we perform for that matter (Will is a very interesting word for future discussion).  Permission is sort for all magical requests, thus taking away any responsibility for the person’s actions.
There is also a matter of the final destination of the Soul. For the RHP the aim is joining with, or merging with the ultimate being/thing of their cosmology. The Self is destroyed and becomes a part of the Whole (or they go to heaven to sit around and do nothing all day but sing hymns and not have sex).

Such thoughts are abhorrent to the follow of the LHP (especially the singing of hymns).  It is always My Will that I Work My magic upon the universe. I therefore take full responsibility for either its marvellous successes or epic failures.  To ask another being for permission to create a change in your life is not of the Left.  Like the myths of Lucifer who would rather fall from heaven than submit to another, we must make our own decisions and likewise accept any consequence that may result from this.  On the second point of the Soul, the practitioner of the LHP does not need to believe in an afterlife or anything more than this world, but if they do (and since a goal is often to achieve some form of godhood or immortality this is probably a more common belief, survey anyone?) the aim for ultimate Self or Soul is to not be annihilated and destroy via absorption by a soul eating deity…or to end up in some lame heaven where I can’t imagine much fun is ever had. But to maintain an independent and isolated (ie not absorbed) existence.

Who’s the Boss?

Ultimately this is the question you need to know the answer to, who is the boss of you?  Who is in charge of your destiny? With this point there is a fine line between honouring your gods/ancestors etc and worship.  Once you step over that line from honour to submitting yourself to ‘something greater’ than you, you have crossed over to the Right Hand Path.  This is regardless if it Jesus, the Devil or some other creepy demon you found in an old book, you are not of the Left Hand…it doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a black or white magician.

Remember, you must always Hail yourself first, because you honour your Highest Self journeying on the Left Hand Path.


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