Servitor and Sigil Magick: Making Friends and Influencing People

I had problem, a problem that needed a quick fix. But as far as I could tell this would be out of my area of influence to create the desired result through regular and mundane means. So what’s a devilish young man like me to do?  I decided to create a servitor to do the job for me. To get to the problem for me and resolve it in manner best suiting my needs.

I got a thing for servitor creation. It’s not that I’m particularly great at the art.  It just speaks to that little warlock inside of me who thinks having my own legion of demon minions is a worthy goal in life.  I suppose I can trace it back to early on during my initial trembling and hesitant steps on the Path (sadly it was more like the image of the Fool card of tarot) when I made a pit stop with Chaos magic.  As a philosophy Chaos never went far enough for me, but as an additional tool in my magical toolbox, outstanding. If you’re unfamiliar will Chao magic I’d recommend looking at Peter Carroll, Phil Hine and Frater U.D.

The big thing I took away from Chaos is, ‘Keep what works and discard the crap.’  This is largely the reason why I tend to choose servitor creation over working with any of the ‘traditional’ grimoire entities that now litter the internet (that and the headache of modifying a RHP ritual for LHP practitioner. You can keep your protective circles).
We have two choices here regarding the legion of grimoire devils. Either a) the entities in our beloved grimoires are pre-existing minions from hell or similar dimension. Or b) they were the creation of a person. A regular person who through whatever method, be it meditation, drugs, bad joke etc. was the original source. (Don’t worry the voices in your head are still very real…).

Neither scenario means the rituals won’t work.  Many a skilled and talented practitioner has had fantastic success, but what option b) gives us is the possibility of being the creator.  And the legions we make our selves are the servitors (or minion. Minion does sound more PC than servant).

So back to the problem, I needed to create a suitable entity/energy or however you’re comfortable describing it asap, and send it off to work (personally regarding these sort of things I’m a ‘it’s all you Dumbo, was never the feather’ kind of guy).
When designing a servitor I generally have 6 steps that need to be done.  All done within the ritual/Working space.

  • What would be its function?
  • What would it look like?
  • What is its gender?
  • What is its name?
  • What is its symbol or sigil – This is for me always the last step whereas I know some people this is the first.  By the time I’ve gotten this far I expect to ‘see’ a clear image of the sigil.
  • Giving it its tasks, timeframe and definition of success? – At this point the servitor should be ready and willing to go, just awaiting the final word.

The night I was to create and activate my servitor I performed a fairly standard Working.  Once opened I begun meditating and entered what some may refer to as ‘astral’ but I’m more inclined to call the Subjective Universe.  This fun little term will need its own post to explain, so astral will do.
(An excellent resource on this topic is Black Magic by Michael Aquino
Going through my list of stages I slowly built up the image, name and finally sigil of the entity I was to work with. By now I had in my mind’s eye my rather arrogant and rude, but strangely very professional in attitude servitor standing before me ready for his instructions. An agreement on the work to be done was made and I sent him on his merry way.

The next day I received a text message telling me of the news I needed to hear.

Ja’kob-spa had completed his job as requested and well within his timeframe.




4 thoughts on “Servitor and Sigil Magick: Making Friends and Influencing People

  1. Thankyou for sharing this with you fellow Aussies. I wish you had posted more threads/stories but for Aussies like myself who are learning/seeking the true LHP material(so much crap on-line now days), but as i’ve noticed with most good blogs/sites: (TOS)&( all things stop after 2012.

    1. Sorry for never replying. Hope you were able to find some decent info in the end and continued to seek the mysteries. There have been many books written since 2012 that are worth a read. I will review some soon

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