Re-Lighting the Black Flame in Australia

Large  black candle

I was lamenting the other day the lack of any Aussie Left Hand Path content on the internet, not even a decent Hail Satan. I’m sure if I looked harder its out there, but its not coming up in my searches. I thought to myself, there has to be a blog out there, something that talks about the Prince of Darkness, personal reflections on Workings that don’t call down Jebus, and rants over the overpriced copies of Kenneth Grant on Ebay? Hey didn’t I start a half-arse attempt at writing years ago? Turns out I did. And thank Lucifer, Google stored my login details!

I thought of just deleting it all and starting again but that would be cheating. What I wrote 9 years ago is still valid. And 9 is such a lucky number. What happen all those years ago? Let me take you back to a time, when Marvel’s first Avengers had just come out, Asatru wasn’t mainstream cool and Mayan’s predicted the end of the world….2012

Magically I felt my life was on track. I was actively working towards my Initiatory goals and making contact with excellent teachers. But things began to feel off after a major Working I had performed. I had designed a lengthy Working called the Nine Thorns were I completed a series of pathway workings on nine different aspects of the Prince of Darkness spread over nine Thursdays (Thursday=Thor’s Day=Thorisaz=thorn. Plus Thorisaz is the third rune so 3×3…I thought I was clever at least) The final Thursday night was for Set as the final personification of the Prince of Darkness. The message I received that night was very clear, ‘So What? What was the point of all that Svartvargr?’

After this I began to realised that my magical practices had become little more than elaborate role play. I may as well had joined a D&D group ( I am Svartvargr! A level 2 Setian Wizard! And I cast the spell of philosophical DEBATE!). My mundane life was in shambles. I lived in a tiny dirty appartment, my marriage had failed, I hated my crapy job and always broke. This wasn’t working and I needed to go off and sort my shit. I questioned my status as an Adept and Squire with the initiatory organisation I belonged and eventually I left. Please note that I am not suggesting any fault with this group but how I had integrated what I had learnt into my mundane life. Or more correctly, how I had not integrated. I had two seperate lives, one of which I had been avoiding.

During my time adjusting to stepping away from my Initiatory Work, my practice was very bare bones. I kept the Black flame burning but it was little more then embers. I followed a crooked path or what the kids now call ‘Traditional Witchcraft’. Set and I were still friends but seeing other people for now.

I quit my job and moved out of the appartment (if the new tenant has a problem with hauntings I’m sorry, sort of. Ja’kob-spa might still be hanging about looking for work). This, not surprisingly, resulted in me living on couches and jobless for some time. I had no choice then to fix my mundane life. I got a good job that lead to s better job. A new home leading to a much better house. I then completed a Quest I swore I would complete. I made an Oath to myself I would track down my biological father, and answer the question that had haunted me since I was a child, who are my ancestors. I had a name. Spelt wrong it turned out and not much else. It took me 37 years but I did it.

Now I included this for three reasons. 1) If we make a Oath to ourselves that we must complete, know that the Universe may not always help but it will not block you if you do the work. 2) The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves are not always true. But we are who we think we are. And 3) Black magic is about making change in your life, to Work your will upon the Universe and make the change.

Oz Infernus was always meant to be a way for me to capture my personal journey along the Left Hand Path and hopefully a black flame out on the web for others living in the Southern Hemisphere who want to know they’re not the only one down here.

Svartvargr was my magical name for a long time and in many ways it still is, but I am not the same person who wrote back in 2012. The hair has more gray (under my black hair dye) and much else has changed. For starters I found the answer to Set’s question, So what?

Now I’m just Mr. Wyrd.

Hail Satan

Or Set

Or just yourself

Its all the same in the end

Mr. Wyrd

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