Hi Satan, we need to talk: Belief on the Left Hand Path

Painting  of ritual chamber at night  with moon  in the window

The question of theist versus atheist (or non-theist as some prefer) seems to always pop up in any discussion of Satanism and the Left Hand Path. Now what I am about to say is a massive generalisation and I have little evidence to back this up but I’ve always felt there was 4 distinct groupings on the modern Left Hand Path: 1) Hard theist. They’re the one’s where they have a what could be called a personal Satan, that they feel is very much real and a physical presence in their lives (this group tend to sit on the edge of being counted as Right Hand). 2) ‘Spiritual’ theists. Satan/Set/Lillith etc may or may not be real, but there is a belief there is a force out there that we can work with. 3) ‘Spiritual’ atheists. Magic is real, possibly a natural force we don’t understand, but there are no gods outside of our selves. 4) Hard atheists. Magic is not real, gods are not real, but the myth of Satan etc has power.

I don’t mean any disrespect to any of these groups and I feel they all bring something to the party (there is a small element of the hard theists that I do feel have stuck a picture of Satan over Jesus’ face and there is a point where worship and devotion takes over, but who am I to judge). Over the years I would say I have sat in each 4 groups at some point of my personal development.

Like many who now follow a Satanic or Left Hand Philosophy, I was raised in some what strict Christian households (eg. The Bible is true, ‘Love’ outside of marriage is a ticket to hell, the world is only 5000-ish years old, you get the point). So my initial moves in the pagan and eventually Satanic communities did tend to mirror unconsciously many of my Christian habits. There was an element of pray, devotion of a sort, ritual which was more wish fulfilment. Eventually I would recognise that I still held onto old habits and I created a Working to break from that old false god. I will share a version of this Working soon.

This would leave me in a type of limbo for many years flicking between a spiritual theist and a spiritual atheist. I definitely worked under the assumption that I could create change to my life and surrounding via acts of Black magic but was this because of assistance from a higher (lower) power or was this a result of how the Universe works once we direct our Will? To paraphrase Anton Lavey, does it matter what created the change, if you got the result you desired?

There are times when I sit in the full atheist class. I feel a lot of the work on ourselves can be done here and the hard lesson that we are alone and it is up to us to make the change we desire can only happen once we let go of the supernatural, even temporarily. There is no requirement, at least in my opinion, that someone who walks the crooked path must believe in any form of supernatural force.

This brings me to the present. Where do I sit with my relationship with the gods, magic and things that seek us in the dark? I feel it’s irrelevant (cop out I know). There is only one god we should seek, only one power that we need to shape our change upon the Universe. Our Selves, or and this is the part that is always missing from the I’m my own god statements, Our True Selves. That image of where we need to be. The perfect Self. I am no god, but my Higher, Perfect Self is. It is like a shadow, just there but never attainable, always moving before us. The aim of the Left Hand Path is to honour thy self and bow to no god.

The reality of any god should be second to your own Becoming and growth.

Strive to be your own god, and work your will upon the Universe!

Mr. Wyrd

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