About Mr. Wyrd

Who am I? Well I’m just your neighbourly werewolf in sheep’s clothing. Am I a Satanist, well that depends on how you define the world. I prefer Setian. What I want to share with you are my attempts to explain the Crocked Path that leads down the Left Hand side, to discuss Black magic, the Black Flame and an Initiate’s Quest to explore what it means to be a Black Brother (or Sister) Down Under in the sunny land of Australia as well as the greater Southern Hemisphere.

What I write about will be influenced by the books I’ve read and teachers I’ve had but I speak only for myself, and opinions given are my own and most likely will not be shared by all…an aspect that demonstrates the true Beauty of the Left Hand Path.  This is the Path of Individual Quest and Mastery of Self.

Hail those who would tread the Dark Path and dwell in the Infernal Realms of Oz and the Southern Hemisphere!

Mr. Wyrd

Ouija Board

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